At Peacock, I deliver outstanding creative work for award-winning unscripted programming and marketing materials, demonstrating strong attention to detail. I create key art internally from concept to execution (like the first 3 examples below) and also collaborate with award winning agency partners, providing art direction on and off set, and drive increased brand awareness through successful brand partnerships.


During my time working with Ito En, I played a crucial role in creating compelling social content aimed at driving awareness in the US market for this renowned brand, which achieved a remarkable 400.8 billion yen in sales in Japan last year.


At Pacific Foods, a subsidiary of Campbell's Soups, I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of engaging social content and videos. As art director, I played a pivotal role in developing and executing video content that became their top-performing work of the year.


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Cedar's Foods, spearheading the transformation of their social content from mundane grocery store ads to captivating, Mediterranean-themed visuals. By infusing creativity and aesthetic appeal, we brought a fresh and beautiful perspective to their brand, captivating their audience in new and engaging ways. ( That hand holding the buffalo wing is mine.)


Working for DraftKings I concepted, strategized, designed and executed hundreds of digital assets. Creating videos for customer service needs and product video ads. My work was featured on Twitter's homepage, ESPN, Bleacher Report and more. Print ads such as the innovative scratch off mailer (with a coupon) were sent to hundreds of thousands of users across the US.